Adi and Lauren
really love each other

We have been planning our life together for years, creating new hopes and dreams with each chapter. For our future together, we dream to buy a home nestled in nature: a garden for Adi, a barn studio for Lauren, and the space for Olive and future dogs to roam as they deserve. The desire to eventually move out of the city and set up a more quiet, rural life is directly tied to our goal of starting an artist residency, with focus on providing a quiet space for artists and writers to reconnect with the earth through gardening, reading, making, playing, and dreaming. We are constantly talking, ideating, and planning for this artist residency, and have notebooks full of our plans. 

To our friends and family that desire to give a gift to support us in the continued celebration of our love and life together, we request that you consider contributing to our savings fund for our future home and artist residency.

If you are excited by physical gift-giving, we would love for you to contribute to our personal library. We are avid readers and are always growing our collection; our library will be a key feature in our home and residency. We welcome any book purchases on our wishlist from our favorite place to buy used books! 

Thank you for all the love and support over the years and in our future endeavours together!

Venmo is how we are collecting the financial gifts– all funds will go into a specific savings account for when the time comes to buy our home.

Thriftbooks Wishlist!

Deliver to:
1006 N Sierra Bonita Ave, Apt. 5
West Hollywood, CA 90046